Saturday, February 29, 2020

Scientific benefits of meditation

Scientific benefits of meditation:

Meditation can produce a deep state of relaxation
Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall 

Different religions practice meditation in different ways. Mindful practice isn’t limited to any particular faith or religion anyone can follow a guided meditation. 

The blessings of  meditation have a ripple effect: 
* Meditation improves cognition and increases your ability to perform tasks requiring focus. 
*As our awareness and confidence increase, so do our desire and ability to be of benefit to others.

*It can be extremely difficult to forgive some who has hurt you or someone you care about. But as your spiritual meditation practice becomes established, you’ll realize that holding on to grudges causes you nothing but pain and does nothing to help others either.

*As we continue our spiritual practice, we see that the more we focus on the benefit of others, the less we tend to worry about our own desires and frustrations

*It can be a quick-fix stress reliever to help you reverse your body's stress response and physically relax. 

Health benefits 
  • Your blood pressure normalizes.
  • You use oxygen more efficiently.
  • Your immune function improves.
  • You sweat less.
  • Your mind ages at a slower rate.
  • Your mind clears and your creativity increases.

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